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While the current COVID-19 restrictions may keep you from visiting our Museum and Park Campuses, or meeting some of our aquatic animals in person, we hope that these online resources will allow you to continue learning about the Annapolis area’s rich maritime heritage and the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay.

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Maryland Day
  • Oyster Wars Video – The Oyster Wars was a true event that took place on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay and Potomac river from 1865-1959.  This is a story about piracy, treasure, violence, and the greed of man. The frequent clashes between Oyster Pirates, the authorities, and the legal watermen from Maryland and Virginia.
  • Signal Flags Video – Learn about some of the unique and interesting ways ships can communicate to each other, or signal to shore without saying a word. Today we will let the flags do most of the talking!
Chesapeake Bay Animals

Use these resources to learn more about some of the Bay’s animals, then use what you learn to complete the worksheets below.

Maritime Heritage
  • While our museum is closed (and undergoing exhibit renovations), explore our virtual exhibits and research portal to view photographs, listen to oral histories, and discover the history of the McNasby Oyster Company
  • Check out this simple summary of some of the many types of Chesapeake Bay workboats, featured in the Washingtonian
Watershed Stewardship
Earth Day Resources