Virtual Exhibit

By integrating technology with authentic artifacts, the AMM’s permanent exhibit is designed to engage visitors with the ecology of the Chesapeake Bay and local maritime heritage. The exhibits focus on three thematic sections: Bay Health, Oyster Economy and Annapolis Waters.

Interactives invite visitors to learn, play and experience the maritime history and ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. Visitors can step up to a large-scale, four player digital game, interact with a life-like hologram of a Bay waterman, or board one of three boats to experience the Bay in a virtual reality setting. Tickets can be purchased here, or at our front desk.


Holographic Waterman


Live Fish Cam

Our live fish cam features our aquariums as seen in our permanent exhibit. Thank you to our generous sponsor, HASI.

Our Then & Now aquariums demonstrate the change in water quality for the Chesapeake Bay over time. Our Then (blue) aquarium shows a recreation of a 17th century Bay while our Now (black) aquarium mirrors water quality in the Bay today. Discover how and why our Chesapeake Bay has evolved this way during your visit.