Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park (AMM) Staff

Alice Estrada


Kelly Swartout

Vice President of Development

Mary Ostrye the Administrative and Finance Manager for the Annapolis Maritime Museum

Mary Ostrye

Administrative & Finance Manager

Louisa Engle

VP of Programs & Community Engagement

Paige Skrickus

James Pennington

Lizzie Spokely

Development & Events Coordinator

Sarah Krizek

Volunteer Coordinator

Amber Herr

Venue Coordinator

Catherine Morrill

Guest Services Coordinator

Madeline Duffy

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Donny Hundley

Lead Facilities and Maintenance

Rick Flamand

Lead Captain of the Wilma Lee

Bill Schneider

Captain of the Wilma Lee

Annapolis Maritime Museum Education Staff

Every Program at the Annapolis Maritime Museum is brought to life by the outstanding Education Staff. Each Staff member holds a Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a field supporting the Museum’s mission. Program assistants are dedicated museum volunteers or college interns.

Stephanie Pettinga

Education Program Coordinator

Chelsea Grandinetti

Marco Rojas

Community Program Manager

Susan Sanger

Enrichment Program Manager