Box of Rain

In 2019, the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park began operating two Box of Rain programs at our Park Campus. The two organizations have a long history of collaboration to bring much-needed maritime programs to the students of Annapolis. Box of Rain has been a successful non-profit in the Annapolis area since 2003 and mentors hundreds of Annapolis youth each year. The program has been free to participants, and will continue to be free within the new AMM structure.

The organization was founded to honor the memory of Lee Griffin, a dedicated sailor and Annapolis community member, and its mission has been to offer year-round programming designed to inspire and encourage Annapolis-area youth, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances. Its mentoring focus helps Box of Rain kids build self-esteem, develop life skills and earn a sense of accomplishment that leads to positive contributions to the community.

Read more about the programs being offered at AMM below.

The Afterschool Program supports students’ social, emotional, cognitive, and academic development, encourages creativity and problem solving, reduces risky behaviors, promotes physical health and environmental stewardship, and provides a safe and supportive environment for youth. Students participate in the Afterschool Program two days per week during the school year.

The Build-a-Boat program, established in 2009, concentrates on the practical application of academics, craftsmanship, and team building in the planning and construction of a boat from a kit. Participants in the Build-A-Boat program utilize STEAM skills to construct a boat from a Chesapeake Light Craft kit. Participants are also taught life skills such as teamwork, following directions, appropriate work-area behavior, and they experience the satisfaction of a job well done. The boat building program runs for 12-weeks throughout the winter and provides participants with free breakfast and lunch.

Please fill out the Registration Form to join the Build-A-Boat program.

The Summer Maritime Program will continue Box of Rain’s long-standing tradition of introducing children living in Annapolis public and subsidized housing to a variety of maritime experiences, including sailing, kayaking, fishing and environmental lessons. The museum has served as a partner for this program in the past.

Please fill out and send back the TWO different forms below for your child’s participation in this year’s 2022 Summer Program.

1.) 2022 Registration Form:  BOR Summer Registration Form
2.) 2022 Medical Form: 2022 Medical Form

If you are interested in serving with the Box of Rain Program, Please fill out our : 2022 Summer Volunteer Form.

Box of Rain & the Annapolis Maritime Museum received The Four Rivers Heritage Area’s 2018 Public/Private Partnership of the Year Award

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