Volunteer Spotlight: Victor Grysikiewicz

Victor Grysikiewicz

Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse Docent & Event Volunteer

“Victor is a superhero! He is always the first to arrive and serves in one of the most difficult and physically demanding positions, as a bar back at our Summer Concerts. He volunteers for three hours and then goes to work overnight in D.C. He also volunteers at Education Programs and the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse. We are so very thankful for his selflessness.”
– Donna Adams, Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers like Victor are the heart and soul of the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park. We are thrilled to celebrate them in this regular spotlight. To join AMMP’s outstanding team of volunteers, please email our volunteer captain. 

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AMMP: How did you first learn about AMMP?

“I had two friends, one of whom is a member and owns a boat on the Chesapeake, who thought that the museum would be a great fit with my interests. My interests include nature, conservation, and the Bay.”

AMMP: How long have you been a volunteer?

“Going on four years now.”

AMMP: What is your favorite museum event or program?

“I really like helping people. I’ve helped at the summer concert series but I especially enjoyed helping children at one of our recent events, Earth Day by the Bay. I was the kayak instructor and helping children is the main reason why I like volunteering.”

AMMP: What connection have you made with the Chesapeake Bay?

“As a teenager, I had been involved in conservation and studying water quality. I love seafood, and just about every facet of the bay, actually. I like swimming, recreation, anything to do with the bay. I’ve chaperoned at a middle school by my house for a science teacher’s class that was studying the ocean and water quality. I like helping people that don’t have an avenue to the bay.”

AMMP: What is your favorite hobby to do on your downtime?

“Bicycle riding.”

AMMP: Where is your favorite vacation spot?

“I’d say a hard tie between Italy and Greece; I’ll be going back this summer!”

AMMP: What is your favorite drink?

“A cold crisp, beer – a Greek Mythos to be exact, which are hard to find.”