Volunteer Spotlight: Judy Mutty

Judy Mutty

Office/Gardening Volunteer

Judy is a dedicated garden and office volunteer. She can often be found filing or maintaining the museum campus. Read more about Judy and her time with the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park in the interview below.

“Judy Mutty has been a volunteer for the museum for several years. She started out with office work helping me with all things paper – we affectionately call her the “Paperwork Princess.” Judy also has taken on an additional role as captain of the garden club. She has organized the volunteers and has the grounds looking fantastic. Judy underwent surgery for cancer recently and fortunately is recovering very well. She’s not up to full speed, but luckily for us she is back in the office resuming her paper work duties.” -Mary Ostrye, Administrative Manager

Volunteers like Judy are the heart and soul of the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park. We are thrilled to celebrate them in this regular spotlight. To join AMMP’s outstanding team of volunteers, please email our volunteer captain. 

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AMM: In what areas of the Museum do you volunteer?
Judy: The office and gardens.
AMM: Why did you choose these roles?
Judy: At first, I didn’t know what I’d like. Previously I was a docent at the National Zoo. I like office work, so I jumped at the chance to help. I was asked to take on gardens and have a wonderful crew of volunteers and so much fun!
AMM: Do you volunteer anywhere else? Tell us about it.
Judy: Prior to my illness I was very involved in my church, where I’ve attended for 39 years. I volunteered in many areas: administration, church management, and facilities. Also liaison with the city mayor.
AMM: Why do you volunteer?
Judy: I’m doing something I like, and I hope to make a contribution and a difference.
AMM: What motivates you and inspires you to do your best?
Judy: I believe in the organization. I volunteer with and have the opportunity to help them be the best at what they do.
AMM: What two or three things are most important to you in a volunteering role?
Judy: Show up on time! Work hard and work smart. Enthusiastically support the mission of the organization for which you’re volunteering.
AMM: Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Judy: I have been to Europe a number of times, biking. Hope to do this again! Among my other favorites would be Nantucket, MA, and Vancouver, B.C.
AMM: What is your favorite event at the museum?
Judy: I don’t have a single favorite. There are so many things for young people and adults alike. I have enjoyed concerts and lectures.