Volunteer Spotlight: Jimmy Whitall

Jimmy Whitall


Jimmy is our regular Tuesday docent. He enjoys chatting with Museum visitors and showing them around the exhibit.

“Jimmy is kind-hearted, reliable, eager, and generous with his time. You couldn’t ask for better qualities in a volunteer.” -Caitlin Swaim, Curator

Volunteers like Jimmy are the heart and soul of the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park. We are thrilled to celebrate them in this regular spotlight. To join AMM’s outstanding team of volunteers, please email our volunteer captain. 

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AMM: How did you first learn about AMM?
Jimmy: I responded to an ad in The Capital looking for volunteers.

AMM: How long have you been a volunteer?
Jimmy: Two and a half years.

AMM: What is your favorite Museum event or program?
Jimmy: Maryland Day.

AMM: What connection have you made with the Chesapeake Bay? 
Jimmy: I have boated on the Chesapeake since 1965.

AMM: What is your favorite hobby to do in your downtime? 
Jimmy: I collect, recondition, and play with toy trains. I also restored and maintain an antique auto.

AMM: Where is your favorite vacation spot? 
Jimmy: My wife and I have never vacationed in the same place twice. But, we have vacationed in 27 countries and 12 island nations. My favorite is the game preserves of South Africa.

AMM: What is your favorite drink? 
Jimmy: Non-Alcoholic is water; Alcoholic is red wine.