Volunteer Spotlight: Erin Hayes

Erin Hayes

Erin (left) with her boyfriend, bartending at Tides and Tunes.

Event Volunteer

Erin is a dedicated event volunteer. She can often be found behind the bar at our summer concerts and other large events. Read more about Erin and her time with the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park in the interview below.

Volunteers like Erin are the heart and soul of the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park. We are thrilled to celebrate them in this regular spotlight. To join AMMP’s outstanding team of volunteers, please email our volunteer captain. 

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AMMP: How did you first learn about AMMP?

Erin: I learned about AMMP through Donna, the volunteer coordinator at the museum, who is also my aunt. I moved into the Annapolis area in July 2014. In the summer of 2015, my aunt said she needed help with summer concerts so I bartended at one of the events, and have been volunteering with various events ever since.

AMMP: How long have you been a volunteer?

Erin: 3 years.

AMMP: What is your favorite museum event or program?

Erin: Definitely the summer concert series. I actually met my boyfriend there. I was bartending and he was one of the museum’s sponsors, 90+ Cellars, doing a wine tasting and serving wine to guests. The booth he was at was set up across from my bar – so we were noticing each other all night. I took a break and was eating chicken fingers alone since all my friends were working. I went up to him and asked if he was hungry and wanted a chicken finger. All of a sudden, the photographer, Ken Tom, wanted a picture of us together moments after we met. We’ve been together ever since.

AMMP: What connection have you made with the Chesapeake Bay?

Erin: I learned more about the bay through volunteering. I helped the museum write an informational article in the summer of 2017 on connecting and caring for the bay.

AMMP: What is your favorite hobby to do on your downtime?

Erin: Going to the beach, hiking, camping, and kayaking.

AMMP: Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Erin: I haven’t traveled much, but I’d say my favorite place is San Juan, Puerto Rico. I became a certified Bacardi bartender at the end of a tour…although I lost my certificate.

AMMP: What is your favorite drink?

Erin: It depends. If I’m at the beach or outside, I like to relax with a Pina colada. In the summertime, I usually prefer beer or a glass of wine.