Volunteer of the Year and Legacy Award Recipients

Legacy Award

The Legacy Award is reserved for those who have over a long period of time contributed wisdom and work to the Annapolis Maritime Museum and Park resulting in significant sustained impacts.

Eric Rubin, the recipient of the 2019 Legacy Award, has been involved with the Museum for nearly 15 years. This is substantial considering the organization will celebrate its 20th birthday next year.  Eric started on the Board January 2005.  He was elected Chairman, following Buck Buchanan, in October of 2010 and served as Chairman until April of 2018. Eric feverishly recruited an excellent board, strong arming some of them in the AYC parking lot.  He was committed to fostering fellowship among the Board and checked in with each individually on monthly basis, whether they wanted to hear from him or not. During his tenure as chairman the Museum’s education program blossomed. We started our first summer camp and first after-school program. Today we see 12,000 students annually.

Additionally in October 2016 Eric signed the lease to acquire the 12-acre Ellen Moyer Nature Park. Eric’s legal talents were instrumental in this lease negotiation since it was completed with the City of Annapolis in a record 9 months. Under Eric’s leadership our budget grew six- fold and programs ten-fold. The Staff grew from 2 to 12. You can’t experience this growth and success without great faith in leadership.

Volunteer of the Year Award

Ken Tom actually started photographing Museum events in 2012, back when our Summer Concerts only brought a crowd of a few dozen. Since then he has chronicled all of our major and minor events which number 20+ annually. This chronological capturing of our experiences, our progress and the many wonderful faces and smiles of members, donors, students and visitors have provided us with a rich diary of life at the Museum.

Ken also visits us on a regular basis through the week. He always comes bearing gifts, whether it be a framed photo, or delicious treat from the Amish Market which delights everybody. He is a beloved member of the Museum family and our Volunteer of the Year for 2019.

Congratulations Eric Rubin and Ken Tom!