Annapolis Maritime Museum to Close for Renovations

ANNAPOLIS, MD – (December 20, 2019) The Annapolis Maritime Museum (AMM) will be closing due to construction of their new permanent exhibits beginning December 30th. The AMM anticipates completion of the project in spring 2020.

The Museum was most recently renovated in 2008, five years after it was severely damaged by Hurricane Isabel. With the number of visitors increasing annually, there is a growing need to expand the experience of the Museum. New exhibits will provide a state-of-the-art, high tech, high touch gallery divided into three thematic sections: Bay Health, Oyster Economy, and Annapolis Waters.

“Our 2,500 square foot space will be transformed from a static, sleepy exhibit into a dynamic, interactive space that feels alive. I think this exhibit will accomplish the balance between offering a truly exceptional experience for our visitors while retaining our sense of authenticity. These exhibits will reflect AMM’s desire to be on the leading-edge of the industry while we continue to grow and engage with our community.” said Caitlin Swaim, Museum Curator at AMM.

Events such as the Winter Lecture Series and the Oyster Roast & Sock Burning will continue as planned. For more information, please visit

The AMM’s Park Campus, known as Ellen O. Moyer Nature Park, will remain open.