The Annapolis Maritime Museum Receives a $10,000 Donation from the Heisman Trust

ANNAPOLIS, MD— (August 24, 2021)—The Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park (AMM) received a grant from the Heisman Trust to support the preservation and archiving of the Michael F. Miron Collection. This award was gifted to the AMM by Linnea Miron and her husband, Heisman Trophy winner (1998) and retired NFL player Errick Miron (known as Ricky Williams). The Miron family (David A. Miron & Bernadette Miron, Jerome Miron, Jr and Michael Miron’s widow, Shelley Row), along with other donors, has matched this Heisman Trust donation.

The Heisman Trust is dedicated to fostering a sense of community through servicing youth. In keeping with that vison, the AMM’s aim is to educate youth to cherish our maritime heritage. The Heisman Trust and Miron Family designated the donation to AMM to preserve and share the Michael F. Miron Collection.  This collection was donated to the museum by the late Michael Miron, a local Eastport amateur historian and contributor to the Eastport Historical Committee, the predecessor to AMM. A major element of the Miron Collection includes over 135 interviews of Eastport locals, with a focus on the stories of trade workers and boat builders and residents of Eastport.  Through the work of dedicated volunteers, AMM has digitized and preserved most of the interviews.  Currently, portions of the collection are available for both audio and visual transcripts online.

The Heisman Trust and Miron Family donations will aid AMM in achieving the primary goal of expanding public accessibility for the collection. With this funding, AMM will fully digitize the collection. AMM will then create a search tool for researchers and the public to find and access this collection. With enhanced accessibility, AMM will develop a formal plan that addresses sharing this collection as a resource for the community. Through this gift, the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park believes it will propel these stories and images into the mainstream for our audience and community. This project will preserve and share the long-standing maritime heritage and history of Annapolis and Eastport for many years to come.