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Dishing Up Maryland


This book is organized by season, beginning with spring. Each chapter – through pictures, as well as words – showcases some of the wonderful offerings available in Maryland at that time of year, and every recipe incorporates at least one main local ingredient around which it’s built.

Softcover; 287 pages


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Savor Maryland’s Freshest Flavors

From the crab cakes every visitor wants to eat, to the delectable offerings from the state’s passionate farmers, to the multilayered Smith Island Cake, Maryland’s best recipes and most beloved food traditions can now be enjoyed in your own kitchen. Add Southern favorites to your repertoire with recipes for fried chicken, boiled dressing, corn fritters, and strawberry shortcake with biscuits. Savor seasonal produce in fresh recipes for soups, salads, and side dishes, and learn how to clean and fry a soft-shell crab. It’s all here for your dining pleasure!


Dishing Up Maryland is a culinary love story told by Lucie Snodgrass and the many farmers and food crafters from around the state. She reinstills in us a sense of pride for the wonderful state of Maryland.” – from the Foreward by John Shields

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