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The Annapolis Maritime Heritage Portal

The Annapolis Maritime Heritage Portal (Research Collection) is a searchable online collections database of selected photos and archival documents from the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park’s permanent collection. The selected items reflect the rich maritime heritage of the Annapolis area and the neighborhood of Eastport. This online research portal is made possible by the generous support of the Arts Council of Anne Arundel County.

Accessing the Research Collection

The Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park welcomes the opportunity to share its collections. Access to the collection is granted to researchers and interested parties. To access the collection, email the Archives Specialist or call 410-295-0104, ext. 32.

The Michael F. Miron Collection

The Michael F. Miron Collection contains oral histories relating to the history of the Eastport neighborhood of Annapolis during the 20th century.  Mike was passionate about the Eastport community and about preserving its history, and he spent the last 25 years of his life interviewing its residents and collecting photographs, letters, and other documents relating to Eastport and its maritime past.  Those interviewed include boat builders, marine trades workers, civil rights activists, church leaders, schoolteachers and others who played a significant role in shaping the character of the place.

The below interview spotlights are a small representation of the collection. To access the full Michael F. Miron Collection email the Archives Specialist or call 410-295-0104, ext. 32.

Interview Spotlights

Click below to listen to stories from our community.

In his interviews, Mr. Owens talks about the history of the Owens Yacht Company, the company’s production process, and its contribution to rescue boats during WWII. Mr. Owens also talks about his family and childhood, and the other boat builders in Maryland over the years.

Jack Owens

This interview covers many topics and tells of her early life, her 5 children, and her life as a mayor’s wife, eventually becoming Mayor herself. She also speaks of her jobs as Alderperson for Ward 8, State Board of Education Employee, Executive Director for the Commission for Women, a position with the MSTA and City Council member.

Ellen O. Moyer

In his 8 interviews and his Rotary Club speech, Richards T. Miller talks about his time overseeing the Annapolis Yacht Yard, the evolution of the yacht yard, delivering the boats to Amtorg Trading Corporation in New York, and the PT Boat Association.

Richards Miller

Research Library

The Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park’s Research Library consists of over 1,500 books and periodicals about the local maritime history and ecology of the Chesapeake Bay. The collection includes books, publications, magazines, and research collections. Books cover diverse topics including navigation, weather, maritime history, oyster industry history, local history, boat maintenance (i.e. brightwork), cooking/recipes, and more. Periodicals include local publications such as Skipper Magazine and Wooden Boat.

The Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park makes its Archives and Library available to researchers and students for free. To access the archives and library materials email the curator or call 410-295-0104, ext. 19.