Dynamically Different : The Owens Yacht Company
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Digital Photograph
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A portrait of Charles Owens, the founder of the Owens Boat Company, taken about 1918.
About the Object:
Born in 1877 in Owensville, outside of Annapolis, Charles Owens would eventually become the Sales Manager for the Westinghouse Corporation. In this position, he would associate with the likes of Henry Ford, and he would begin to find inspiration for a boating company in the assembly lines and production processes he was surrounded by.
More Information:
An avid sailing and boating enthusiast, Charles Owens is remembered by his children as being an amazing, self-taught, and ingenious man who had many interests. His son Norman noted that "My father has influenced me more than anyone else". Charles Owens would pass away in 1933 from prostate cancer; however, his legacy continued to influence the Owens Yacht Company.
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Charles Owens c. 1918Charles Owens c. 1918