Dynamically Different : The Owens Yacht Company
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Digital Photograph
Description of Object:
In this photograph, taken about 1941, two unidentified men in suits can be seen standing on a narrow, wooden walkway outside the Owens Boat Company buildings. Part of the Owens Boat Company sign can be seen in the upper right corner. Also seen in the picture are a wooden dock, a small sailboat, and a small skiff.
About the Object:
The Owens Yacht Company could not have been successful without its many employees. Some important people to note include Walt Basil and Lysle Gray. Walt stayed with the company throughout its entirety, working as both clerk and bookkeeper. He also helped build boats in the offseason as well as help build the plant in Dundalk. Lysle Gray was a chemical engineer who worked on the fiberglass boats in Baltimore in the 1960's. He also helped Norman design some boats.
More Information:
Other notable employees from the Owens Yacht Company include Rob Vallandingham and Vordham Van Bibber. Rob worked for the company early on, helping build a shed for the company off of Boucher's Point in Eastport and assisting Charles Owens in the construction of the knockabouts for the Navy. Vordham Van Bibber would be with the company for three and a half years, where he would acquire vast knowledge on wood types and different plywood manufacturers. He designed a 21-footer and small runabouts.
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Owens Boat Company- Building c.1941Owens Boat Company- Building c.1941