Dynamically Different : The Owens Yacht Company
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Digital Photograph
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Pictured here are two unidentified men onboard an Owens Cruiser with St. Mary's Parish visible in the background. Also visible in the background are a few other, unidentified, brick buildings.
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Catering to the newfound wealth of the middle class, the Owens Cruiser, as well as its different models, were mostly designed by Norman Owens. However, a few were designed by Vordham Van Bibber. Jack Owens discussed some of the different models saying "The first was a medium priced boat for two people; then we had the standard 33-footer which had a convertible sedan cabin; and the standard 30-footer which was the boat that really put us in business".
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To match their uniquely designed Cruisers, Norman Owens also designed a cutting edge marine engine. The engine was converted from a Chevrolet V-eight with premium bearings and pistons with a Corvette camshaft. It was designed to be the complete marine engine, built to withstand high temperatures and high RPM's. This engine was designed and started to be mass produced in 1955 and 1956.
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Owens Cruiser with St. Mary's Parish in backgroundOwens Cruiser with St. Mary's Parish in background