Dynamically Different : The Owens Yacht Company
Object Name:
Digital Photograph
Description of Object:
Taken around 1916, this photograph depicts from left to right Norman, Chuck, and Molly standing in front of an automobile as their mother, Mary Glynn Owens, sits in the passenger seat. Judging by the coats and hats worn by the children and their mother, the photograph was likely taken in the winter months. Jack and Billy Owens have not yet been born. In the background there is a building with several windows and a door.
About the Object:
Mary Glynn Owens would pass away from influenza in the early 1920's, leaving Charles Owens with the task of raising their five children on his own. Charles Owens was greatly affected by the loss of his wife. It was a forbidden love story, as he was expected to marry someone from an established Anne Arundel County family, but instead married Mary Glynn, who was from an Irish family from Brooklyn. Charles and Mary were wed in 1909.
More Information:
Mary Glynn's death was the catalyst in Charles' decision to leave Detroit and to take his children back to his roots in Annapolis. His daughter Molly noted that "After her death my father decided that the burden of taking care of five small children was too much without the children knowing their heritage which was in Maryland". His son Norman also said that "I think my father really wanted to be with his children after my mother died".
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c1916 L to R Norman, Chuck, Molly (Jack was not born yet)c1916 L to R Norman, Chuck, Molly (Jack was not born yet)