Dynamically Different : The Owens Yacht Company
Object Name:
Digital Photograph
Description of Object:
A photograph taken of a LCVP boat, or a Landing Craft Vehicle and Personnel. The boat can be seen landed on a sandy beach, carrying a truck as well as some other cargo. There are power lines, trees, shrubs, and grass in the background. Written on the bottom of the photograph is "36 - foot Landing Craft [LCVP]".
About the Object:
The Owens Yacht Company was involved in both World War II and the Korean War. World War II caused a boom in production at the Owens Yacht Company. The company received a contract from the Navy to build LVCP boats as well as Army Aircraft Rescue boats. Molly Owens noted that "We built thousands of them". This contract caused the business to vastly expand in both size and production capacity after the war, as the company was able to begin erecting new buildings and constructing various models of boats.
More Information:
The Korean War also brought about change to the Owens Yacht Company. A lack of materials and a surplus of empty buildings allowed the company to build 75-foot mindsweepers. Jack Owens said that "They were kind of nice because they had a lot of electronics on them, and they helped us gear up for the modern age in the electrical field". This experience would mark a technological turning point for the company.
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