Captain Richards T. Miller
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Print, Photographic
Captain Miller's interest in engineering began in his childhood when he was fascinated by airplanes and trains. His neighbor, who was a Lieutenant Commander and naval instructor at the time, garnered young Captain Miller's interest in boats as well through models he made out of tin cans. Captain Miller says he has been hooked on boats ever since. During his time as a naval engineer, Captain Miller worked all over the
United States and a variety of boats. He spent the entirety of World War II in Annapolis supervising construction and delivering PT boats up to New York. During that time, Captain Miller became an expert on the history of the yacht yards in Annapolis.
Image Description:
Motor torpedo boat moves through the water, "275" painted on bow, caption acorss top of photo

Caption across top: "View of the First Motor Torpedo Boat built at the Annapolis Yacht Yard, Inc. This boat was built form Vosper design and was delivered under Lend-Lease to British Navy."
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