Arnie Gay : The Father of Annapolis' Modern Sailing Industry

Arnold Channing Gay, known to the community as Arnie, is remembered as the father of Annapolis' modern sailing industry and is revered not only for his sailing prowess but for his contributions to and passion for the city of Annapolis. Originally from New England, Arnie drifted into Annapolis' harbor aboard his schooner Delilah in 1946. What he recalls from his arrival was "you could sit here with a .22 rifle and shoot rats or anything else you wanted to all afternoon.There were beat up old buildings, and a really terrible place. It was a dump."

Arnie would spend the next 48 years transforming Annapolis' run-down waterfront into a prominent sailing capital. Gay's memory is alive and well in the city of Annapolis and his family still resides in this world class sailing center.

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Arnie Gay