Arnie Gay : The Father of Annapolis' Modern Sailing Industry
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Arnie Gay's schooner Delilah with two people aboard. Delilah's sails are filled with a gentle breeze and a small skiff is in tow.
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Digitial Photo
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In 1946, Arnie Gay sailed into Spa Creek aboard his schooner Deliliah with less than two dollars in his pocket. He picked up a few odd jobs and began his career as a boat broker, yachtsman, and sailing instructor in Annapolis. "Originally when I came here you had a guy tonging for oysters in the winter, and in the summertime would paint bottoms on boats."

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Arnie had a vision to change the face of the city's tired waterfront. The thriving seafood industry that once supported the city's economy was fading quickly. Arnie, being an ambitious visionary, knew that Annapolis could be molded into the sailing capital of the world and all he needed to make this dream a reality was participation.
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Arnie Gay's Arnie Gay's "Delilah"