Crab Pots, Eel Spears, and Fish Nets : Seasonal Changes in Watermen's Work
Object Name:
Wooden Plane with Blade
Description of Object:
Wooden plane with blade. Inscribed with E.A.S the initials of Earl Smith who worked at Chance Marine Construction Company. The blade is inscribed with "Stanley Made in USA" and is held in place with a wooden wedge.
About the Object:
The plane is the carpenter's chief wood shaping tool. The plane is an ancient tool, seemingly making its debut during Roman times. The cutting blade of the plane is held in place with a wooden wedge the serves as the blades handle. To shape wood, boat builders would pus the wooden wedge of the plane away from their body, across the surface being shaped while applying downward pressure.
More Information:
This plane is inscribed with the letters "E.A.S" the initials of its owner, Earl Smith. Earl worked as a boat builder at Chance Marine Construction Company. Chance Marine Construction Company opened at 222 Severn Ave in Eastport and built and repaired motor and sail boats along the Chesapeake Bay.
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Woode planeWoode plane
Close up of wooden planeClose up of wooden plane
Chance Marine Construction CompanyChance Marine Construction Company