Crab Pots, Eel Spears, and Fish Nets : Seasonal Changes in Watermen's Work
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Produce Can
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It is believed that this can bears its original J.C. Schultz label. The contents of the can were emptied and the bottom was reattached.
About the Object:
Bay watermen, both historic and modern, often pursue agriculture to supplement their earnings from commercial fishing. Watermen sell their produce to grocers and processors like J.C. Schultz. In addition to farming, watermen raise and slaughter animals for sale as well as hunt for wild game to earn additional income.
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Eastport and Anne Arundel County began largely as farmland. Anne Arundel County farmers found market demand in Baltimore and Washington, where products were shipped by rail and steamboat. Canneries were established throughout the county during the 19th and 20th centuries. One of these canneries was J.C. Schultz of Pasadena who produced the "Anne Arundel Pride" label.
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Anne Arundel Pride hand packed tomatoesAnne Arundel Pride hand packed tomatoes
Farm landFarm land