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Gifts of Stock

Gifts of StockTo ensure delivery of Gifts of Stock and to help us provide you with the receipt you need for tax purposes, please contact the Development Manager for more information (or have your broker contact us) with the following:

  • Your name, address, and phone number/email address.
  • The stock name/ticker symbol, number of shares, and the approximate date of the stock transfer.

AMM Contact

Annapolis Maritime Museum
723 Second Street, P.O. Box 3088
Annapolis, MD 21403
Phone: 410-295-0104

Provide your broker with the following information:

  • Accepting Firm: Morgan Stanley
  • DTC # 0015
  • Account Name: Annapolis Maritime Museum (723 Second St, Annapolis MD 21403)
  • Account Number: 777-043272

AMM Account Manager at Morgan Stanley

Kent Guernsey
Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
55 Cascade Lane
Rehoboth Beach DE 19971

Phone: 302-644-6618 | 800-258-3131