Crab Pots, Eel Spears, and Fish Nets : Seasonal Changes in Watermen's Work
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Sadler's Crab Meat Can
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Sadler's Seafood was a lucrative business in Eastport. This one pound can was used to pack and sell crab meat to customers. Larger gallon cans would be sold to local restaurants.
About the Object:
This is a tin plated, one-pound crabmeat can from Sadler's Crab House (1947-1980). Sadler's was located on Third Street in the Eastport community of Annapolis. Herbert E Sadler, known affectionately as Herbie, was a well-known and well-loved waterman who, with his wife Gladys, mentored many local children in fishing, crabbing, and osytering.
More Information:
Crab canneries were centered around the business of picking crabs, boilling the meat, and then sealing the can. Boiling the meat prior to sealing the can provided customers with a sterilized product. Sadler's was a packinghouse, not a cannery. Workers at Sadler's steamed fresh crabs, picked the meat, and capped the can. Sadler's crabmeat was shipped and stored on ice to ensure freshness.
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Sadler's Crab Meat CanSadler's Crab Meat Can
Herbie Sadler steaming crabsHerbie Sadler steaming crabs
Steamed crabsSteamed crabs