Maryland Day 2021 – Better Together

Maryland Day 2021 – Better Together


Celebrate Maryland Day by visiting the Annapolis Maritime Museum & Park on Saturday, March 20th from 10am to 1pm. Due to COVID-19, capacity restrictions will be observed and all participants will be required to wear a face mask.

Boat Building – No ticket required

In our Bay Room art gallery, join our winter Build-a-Boat program graduates for a boat building challenge by building your own boat and testing its seaworthiness. View the boat models our program graduates have built and interact with some of the critters that live in our Chesapeake Bay. Discover the rich and diverse history of boat builders in Annapolis and Eastport and learn about the Seafarers Yacht Club!


New Exhibit Tours – Tickets required

AMM’s new exhibit Our Changing Waterfront will be open to the public for the first time. Admission to the exhibit will be $1 per attendee. Timed entry tickets are available hourly at 10am, 11am, and 12pm. Passes are limited to a total of 30 guests per hour. Admission includes a 20 minute guided tour and 30 minutes of self-touring. There is a 10-minute gap between groups for exhibit cleaning. Purchasing tickets in advance is strongly recommended.

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Location: 732 Second Street Annapolis, Maryland 21403
Date: March 20, 2021
Duration: 3 Hours