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Educational Program Testimonials

My students become more familiar with the ecology of the bay. They are able to have hands on experiences in using real scientific instruments, and in interacting with organisms of the bay. The recall of knowledge and care for the environment is significantly increased through their exposure to the program at the Maritime Museum. I have had students go on to create oyster habitats in their local creeks, teaching their families of the importance of conservation, and inquire more about programs after school that helps them stay involved.
– AACPS 6th grade teacher

We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED our tour and our time last Thursday at the Annapolis Maritime Museum! What a great day of learning and fun. - Field Trip Leader

Thank you so much for your flexibility in providing such a WONDERFUL learning opportunity for our students.They were incredibly excited before and after your presentation. It lent itself to lots of rich discussion that will continue for many of our upcoming science and reading units!
– 3rd grade teacher, Dundalk Elementary

Dear Captain John, Thank you so much for talking to our class to teach us about life. Your speech INSPIRED me! I am becoming more self-motivated. I am going to continue to get great grades. Thank you for teaching me that. I want to become a person everybody remembers. I know I’ll always remember you. You are a role model to me and other kids. Thank you.
– Hannah, 6th grader at Annapolis Middle

My expectations are that we will give children, many who are from poverty, an opportunity to get outside and experience the beauty of the water and the science to understand the animals and habitats that go with them. The most valuable aspect of the Fall program is to get these children, that never get out of the Fort Meade area, close to the water and exposed to the important part of Maryland’s culture that is created by being surrounded by beautiful rivers and the Chesapeake. It’s also an important part of their academic knowledge so that they can attach meaning to what they read about and see in videos about the bay.
– AACPS 6th grade teacher

This was my daughter’s 3rd year at AMM summer camp. She loves all the outdoor activities and with the counselor to camper ratio, I am completely confident that she is in great hands all day. – Summer Camp Parent

I love the wildlife that the program brought for the students. It was a unique opportunity for them to experience the bay and the kids loved it.
– Pre-K teacher

Your team has developed an engaging and fun way to teach your subject matter and you have set up age-appropriate centers so that the kids can get hands on learning. Thank you for all your hard work. – 2nd grade teacher, Mills Parole Elementary

My daughter has been in a lot of different camps over the years. She had a wonderful time and was excited every day for activities AMM had planned. She was disappointed when the week was over and is very excited for next year’s camp. I would highly recommend AMM camp. Thank you to the wonderful staff at AMM.
– Summer Camp Parent

Thank you so much! It was a lot of fun. I love the boat ride and how we got to put the oysters in a safe area. I learned a lot, like the effect that fisherman have on our community. I also love how we used different tools to show how we catch oysters. Thank you so much for taking the time to teach us, it was lots of fun!
– Rachel, 6th grader at Annapolis Middle