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*All Caterers must provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance and a copy of their current Health Department License by seven days prior to the event.

*Cleaning of the kitchen, deck and piers, Exhibit Gallery, Bay Room and clearing of all tables is the caterer's responsibility. Listed below are the guidelines

Before the Event

  1. All deliveries must be coordinated with the assigned AMM staff representative and occur during the allotted 8 hour rental time.
  2. Parking is limited, so please coordinate your staff's parking needs (including set-up and break-down) with the assigned AMM staff representative.
  3. The catering kitchen is designed primarily for off-premise cooking and warming of food. PLEASE NOTE: all caterers must clean the kitchen and function rooms after each use.
  4. Open flames are prohibited on the deck.
  5. All grills are to be used in designated areas only, and must be in compliance with the AACO Fire Code.

During the Event

  1. If spillage occurs, the area must be cleaned and mopped to avoid damage or injury.
  2. As trash containers become full, they must be removed to the appropriate dumpsters and re-bagged.
  3. If Exhibit Gallery is being used, trash and drinks must be monitored. Exhibits should not be used as surfaces and must be cleared immediately.
  4. All Bars must end 30 minutes prior to the contracted end of the event. This is not the breakdown end time.

After the Event

  1. Thoroughly wipe down and sanitize counter tops, sinks and the inside of the refrigerator and oven.
  2. Remove all containers from the refrigerator, oven and tabletops.
  3. Do not dump food or grease into the sink.
  4. Sweep and damp mop kitchen floor, function and high traffic areas. If the deck was used, the deck will need to be swept as needed.
  5. Please use recycle bins for all bottles, cans and plastic. The bins are located in front of the Barge House and must be returned.
  6. All trash must be placed in the dumpster in front of the Barge House.

Note: All Bars must close 30 minutes prior to scheduled event end time, and not the completed breakdown and clean-up end time.

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