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Can I decorate the Bay Room?

Generally, yes. However, we do not allow decorations that will put holes in the walls, and we cannot not remove the current art exhibit. If you are hanging d├ęcor from the ceiling, you will need to use very thin line/string, and nothing metallic can touch the track lighting.

Can I have food serving stations within the Exhibition Gallery?

Because the core mission of the Museum involves the exhibits, we prefer tray passed food. We do suggest using the area for a cocktail hour. If you choose to use the area for drinks, we do suggest renting a few tall cocktail tables to avoid drinks and trash being placed on the exhibits. You main bar may be set-up in this area.

Can I hold my rehearsal dinner, wedding ceremony and reception all at the Museum?

Certainly! If we have the availability on our calendar, we would love to host all your weekend events. The Bay Room is a perfect area for both your rehearsal dinner and your reception, and the deck is a beautiful setting for an outdoor waterfront ceremony.

What is included within the rental fee?

A description of our included amenities can be found in our Information Packet.

Are taxes and fees included in the pricing?

Yes, all taxes and fees associated with the base rental fee are included in the price.

Do you have suggested vendors in the area?

For catering, planning and rental opportunities, we do provide a list of preferred vendors in the area who provide a quality product.

We would like to have our ceremony on your deck but are worried about the possibility of rain, do you provide another option?

If you choose, the Bay Room can be used for both the ceremony and reception space. Or, we can provide you a list of preferred vendors that have tents available for rental that can cover the deck perfectly.

Can the couple or guests be delivered to the Museum via sailboat or water taxi?

Yes, our piers are in deep enough water along the creek that water taxis and most size sailboats are easy to dock and picture-worthy!

Can music be played on the deck or in the outside area?

Yes. However, because the Museum is located in a residential area we prefer the music to be at a low "talking" level in all outdoor areas. Also, based on the Annapolis City noise ordinance, the music must be completely turned off by 9:30pm.

Can we use candles during our event?

Yes. We allow the use of tea lights, floating candles and pillar candles as long as they are enclosed in glass globes or vases.

During our event, where do our guests park?

The Museum does have a small parking lot behind the building. During events, the Museum contracts with Horn Point Harbor Marina so that guests can use the parking lot at their offices. Horn Point is a short walk from the Museum. Other satellite lots can be arranged as well. We can also recommend vendors who can supply transportation by trolley for your guests.

Is the Museum non-smoking?

Yes. The entire facility is non-smoking. Although the deck and piers are outside, we do not allow smoking in that area either. However, we do have a brick area near the main entrance for smoking.

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