Program Details & Policies

  • Programs: Program age and length are listed on the programs page. You may select more than one program per day.
  • Date(s): Please indicate on the calendar your first, second and third choices. If you would like more than one date please contact us directly. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the dates and/or programs that you request.
  • Deposit: The Annapolis Maritime Museum requires a deposit to hold the date for the program, the deposit is due 3 weeks after the program is booked.
    • 1 hour program - $25.00 deposit
  • Cancellation Policy:Cancellations must be given via email or by phone a minimum of 30 days prior to your scheduled date. Cancellations less 30 days before the scheduled date forfeit the deposit.
  • Program Minimums:
      • 1 hour program - $75.00 minimum

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